Keystone library

Keystone is a video projection mapping library for Processing. It allows you to warp your Processing sketches onto any flat surface by using corner-pin keystoning, regardless of your projector’s position and orientation. In other words, it warps your graphics in order to compensate for the perspectival distortion that occurs when your projector is off-axis. To get started:

Install keystone from your Processing libraries list.

Or you can also download Keystone from here:
Install the Keystone library in the libraries folder in your Processing documents directory.
Run the CornerPin example demo that comes with Keystone. Press ‘c’ to enter calibration mode, etc. (examine the keypressed() method in that example for more details.)

Spring Break to do list:

  • Catch up, finish and submit any late assignments immediately! I have updated the MOODLE dropboxes with folders for the mapping assignment and late submission boxes for all other assignments. Please make sure you put your work in here so that you are up to date!giphy (2)
  • Finish mapping assignment. Upload screenshot or screen capture (using Quicktime) to the blog. Submit zipped Processing folder to Moodle dropbox by Friday.
  • Review and complete Video and Pixel tutorials (week 9)
  • Review Augmented projection project
  • Develop and idea and plan for the Augmented projection project. Come to class ready to work on this for Week 10 (week after spring break)
  • Watch Kyle McDonald 2012 Eyeo talk here.
  • Have fun!


Face assignment hand in – UPDATE ON SUBMISSIONS

I have resolved the issue with assignment submission.

Please submit a zipped folder containing both parts of your face assignment to the new folder submission set up on Moodle.

Label your zip folder as follows: A1_face_YourLastNameFirstName, and include any screenshots you have made in your folder.

Help! Textbook backup

If you are needing some more explanation as to the material we covered in class – or simply some examples worked through in a methodical way. Here is a link to aShiffman textbook called Learning Processing. It has allot of worked answers and we have covered some of the key concepts in Chapters (1-5). Particularly take a look at chapter 4 on variable, take a look if you need help.

The recommended textbook is the top one here. It also has allot of simple examples. It is in open reserve if you want to study from it or read it for backup.

February 10th

Again, a rushed class today but please see all the concepts covered in class (and a few more) here.

Both parts of assignment one must be prepared for presentation next week. See Assignment 1 – part 2 here.

Enjoy the reading/watching material as listed in the schedule and come ready to discuss next week.

Also please download OpenPaths

Also this week, please download Openpaths to your phone or device and login to the application. This app allows you to collect your geolocation data over the next few weeks. We are going to use this data for a project later in term.

Class – Feb 3rd- update

Sorry about rushed class today… Hopefully the weather will not foil any of our efforts any further.

Please see the homework listed for this week in the schedule for ‘Week 2’. We will review your portraits and the readings next week. Look for an invite to the blog in your Purchase inbox and login and change your password to this blog.

Also sign up to Code Forum Google group -> see the link to ‘CodeForum’ in the menu. This is a place to post all your code questions – jump in and help people if you know the answers.

Also to recap on the Processing beginnings we looked at today.. see the tutorial under the Weeks section of the site. The video (Daniel Shiffman’s introduction to Processing – An Hour of Code) reading will help you review what we covered in class. Watch Sections 1-4 (Hello, Shapes, Color, Interact).



Unfortunately SUNY Purchase is closed this Tuesday due to a “historically large storm” – hello climate change! Sadly we will miss our first class.

Please do the first reading and review the information on this site. We will start next week. Stay safe!