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One of my favorite interactive works is by two brothers,  Job & Roel Wouters and its called 1234567. The work follows them on their artistic journey of drawing out numbers with the amount of paint colors of the number they are writing. If they are writing the number 2, there are 2 colors. If they are writing the number 7 there are seven. The most impressive part of the exploration is that they made the machine that holds all the paint cans. The machine is quite large and very intricate. Its an amazing process to watch. It’s a little less involved than Rockbys ideas but I think the composition of the piece is just as technical.


Another interactive work is Drift by Terri Rueb, she is a sound artist who designed a walking tour of a beach through GPS coordinates. She makes it so the listener is taken on a journey that is completely controlled by her. She guides you on which direction you should be facing and what your supposed to be thinking. Its quite an impressive platform created.