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Our project examined the role of mass media and the negative effects it has on our society. We explored the politics of consuming “bad” news vs “good” news. The purpose of the project was to remind people of relevant news topics and question the police state, government, and media through a pressure sensor from arduino!

Interactive Final – Harris

My partners were Sabrina Balducci and Matthew Tuckerman. We made a tree that responds to a light sensor that is connected to the arduino. When the sensor was covered, it was night time, and as more light was exposed to the sensor, the sun began to rise. During midday apples would grow on the tree, and in the middle of the night they would fall off.

Projection Mapping Harris/Hopkins


My partner for the projection assignment was Kevin Hopkins, and we tried to make a projection that would interact with chalk drawings. In the center and top of my projection, we created a looping pipe system that had a ball in it, going in and out of view from behind the solid chalk drawings. We also had a cannon that shot out a cannon ball, and reloaded slowly and fired again. On the first shot, Kevin added some physical interaction by knocking over an eraser that the cannonball hit. A car previously hit the eraser and stopped.



My partner for this was Matt Tuckerman. The point of this projection was to get the circles to bounce off of the edges of a boundary, but to also get them to change colors when bouncing off of the edges. we drew the boundary in chalk on the board and projected it there.

Interactive project

Sabrina_Interactive project

Matt Tuckerman and Matt Harris were both in my group. the point of this project was to get a tree to grow apples during the daytime, and make them fall in the nighttime. Day and night was changed by covering the light sensor. We dimmed the lights and added a moon to signify nighttime and a brightened screen with the sun for day time. The moon and sun moved to signify the passing of time.

JulienMiller and Xuan Zhang’s Interactive Project


Julien and I were really interested in creating random movable images in response to light. We were trying to create an environment in which we would be able to move both of the animations back and forth according to how much light the light sensor was receiving. It’s the interactiveness, and the randomness of the imagery make this project a lot more interesting.