Class – Feb 3rd- update

Sorry about rushed class today… Hopefully the weather will not foil any of our efforts any further.

Please see the homework listed for this week in the schedule for ‘Week 2’. We will review your portraits and the readings next week. Look for an invite to the blog in your Purchase inbox and login and change your password to this blog.

Also sign up to Code Forum Google group -> see the link to ‘CodeForum’ in the menu. This is a place to post all your code questions – jump in and help people if you know the answers.

Also to recap on the Processing beginnings we looked at today.. see the tutorial under the Weeks section of the site. The video (Daniel Shiffman’s introduction to Processing – An Hour of Code) reading will help you review what we covered in class. Watch Sections 1-4 (Hello, Shapes, Color, Interact).


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