YO YO Change the grey screen in present mode.

Yes there is a way to do it.


2) Go to the Processing preferences.txt file.

  • On a mac it is here: /Users/tegabrain/Library/Processing/preferences.txt
  • On windows it is here: in Documents and Settings → username → Application Data → Processing → preferences.txt. On Windows 7 (or Vista), it’s in Users → username → AppData → Roaming → Processing → preferences.txt.

3) Open up this file in a text editor and search for

4) change this color to #000000 (to make it black).

5) Save

6) reopen processing and try it out

Augmented Projection – how to!!


1. select a feature of the room
2. develop a concept for an animation/projection that responds to this feature
3. take a photo your selected area so you can work on it on your screen when you do not have a projector
4. set up a processing sketch with this image as the background
5. PSEUDO CODE! Break down your project into small steps.
6. make a sketch for each of these steps, breaking each down into even smaller steps
Identify any steps you dont know how to do! ask your neighbour for help on this! if they dont know then ask me!
7. Do a super rough test with a projector
8. Get your smaller examples working and combine your sketches into a bigger sketch
9. Look at the example code that comes with the keystone library
10. incorporate the keystone library example into your sketch so you can adjust it to the space
10. go back, tweak and iterate on your idea!

Spring break to do list…

  • Catch up, finish and submit any late assignments immediately! I have updated the MOODLE dropboxes with folders for the mapping assignment and late submission boxes for all other assignments. Please make sure you put your work in here so that you are up to date!
  • giphy (2)
  • Finish mapping assignment. Upload screenshot or screen capture (using Quicktime) to the blog. Submit zipped Processing folder to Moodle dropbox by Friday.
  • Review and complete Video tutorial on this site (week 9).
  • Review Augmented projection project
  • Develop and idea and plan for the Augmented projection project. Come to class ready to work on this for Week 10 (week after spring break)
  • Watch Kyle McDonald 2012 Eyeo talk here.
  • Have fun!


Week 5 round up

Check the schedule for homework details (will be updated by tomorrow).
Make sure you’ve uploaded the first 2 part faces assignment to Week 3 Moodle and your homework from last week to Week4.

And here is the reactive line example from class is below. Experiment, jam with it, but you must make it your own if you use it.


Submitting assignments – UPDATE ON SUBMISSIONS

I have resolved the issue with assignment submission.

Please submit a zipped folder containing both parts of your face assignment to the new folder submission set up on Moodle.

Label your zip folder as follows: A1_face_YourLastNameFirstName, and include any screenshots you have made in your folder.

Help from a textbook

If you are needing some more explanation as to the material we covered in class – or simply some examples worked through in a methodical way. Here is a link to a Shiffman textbook called Learning Processing. It has allot of worked answers and we have covered some of the key concepts in Chapters (1-5). Particularly take a look at chapter 4 on variable, take a look if you need help.

The recommended textbook is the top one here. It also has allot of simple examples. It is in open reserve if you want to study from it or read it for backup.

Class February 4th

Congrats on your first Processing sketch – for a video recap of the coding ideas covered in class watch parts 1-4 of this video from Daniel Shiffman. http://hello.processing.org/editor/

Please do the homework listed in the schedule section of this site. Look forward to seeing results next week.

Also please download Openpaths to your phone or device and login to the app. This will allow you to collect your geolocation data which we are going to use for a project later in term.


Unfortunately SUNY Purchase is closed this Tuesday due to a “historically large storm” – hello climate change! Sadly we will miss our first class.

Please do the first reading and review the information on this site. We will start next week. Stay safe!

Stay safe!