Augmented Projection – how to!!


1. select a feature of the room
2. develop a concept for an animation/projection that responds to this feature
3. take a photo your selected area so you can work on it on your screen when you do not have a projector
4. set up a processing sketch with this image as the background
5. PSEUDO CODE! Break down your project into small steps.
6. make a sketch for each of these steps, breaking each down into even smaller steps
Identify any steps you dont know how to do! ask your neighbour for help on this! if they dont know then ask me!
7. Do a super rough test with a projector
8. Get your smaller examples working and combine your sketches into a bigger sketch
9. Look at the example code that comes with the keystone library
10. incorporate the keystone library example into your sketch so you can adjust it to the space
10. go back, tweak and iterate on your idea!

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