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Guide to taking screenshots and screen captures to document your work.

General Tools


Online Instruction

Processing Books

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Other useful tools we will use throughout this course

Other Tools for Creative Computation

  • Arduino – Open-source electronics prototyping platform.
  • ChucK – Strongly-timed, concurrent, and on-the-fly audio programming language.
  • Cinder – Free and open source library for professional-quality creative coding in C++.
  • Flash – Adobe’s standard for delivering high-impact, rich Web content.
  • GLSL – A high-level C-style shading language for OpenGL.
  • Grasshopper – Visual programming language for generative modeling in Rhino.
  • Max/MSP/Jitter – A visual programming language for music and multimedia.
  • Maya Embedded Language (MEL) – A scripting language for the 3D graphics software, Maya.
  • NodeBox – A free, cross-platform library for generating 2D animations with Python.
  • openFrameworks  – An open source, cross-platform C++ toolkit for creative coding.
  • ofxAddons – An extensive set of community-contributed extensions to openFrameworks
  • Processing – An electronic sketchbook for developing ideas in Java.
  • p5.js–  Processing library designed for the web using Javascript.
  • Pure Data – A real-time graphical programming environment for audiovisual processing.
  • Quartz Composer – A node-based visual programming language for rendering graphics in OSX.
  • RhinoScript – A scripting tool for the Rhino modeler, based on Microsoft’s VBScript.
  • SuperCollider – A programming language for realtime audio synthesis and algorithmic composition.
  • Unity3D – An integrated authoring tool for creating interactive 3D environments.
  • VVVV – A graphical programming environment for large media environments

Feeds and Blogs for Inspiration

Books on Art + Code + Programming

R. Klanten, S. Ehmann, V. Hanschke, A Touch of Code
Casey Reas and Chandler McWilliams, Form+Code
Bohnacker, Gross, Laub and Lazzeroni, Generative Design
New Art Science Affinities, with contributors: Andrea Grover, Régine Debatty, Claire Evans, Pablo Garcia, Thumb Projects
Troika, Digital by Design
Edward A. Shanken, Art and Electronic Media
Alexander, Ishikawa, Silverstein, A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction
Matthias Felleisen, How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Programming and Computing
Richard W. Hamming, Art of Doing Science and Engineering: Learning to Learn
Charles Petzold, Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software

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