Twitter bot resources

The github repository with examples of twitter bots: <<<<<<<.

The link to download the zip of this is here.

1) Read through the explanation and experiment with running the code from Get it to retweet different hash tags.

2) Then try file bot – explanation here. This bot will tweet random lines from a an external file you pass to it.

3) The other example in this folder is one of the node.js library examples. It is a more complex bot that randomly follows and unfollows people and tweets the most popular github tweet. Run it if you are game.

Remember to run these bots. Unzip the files. Open your terminal and navigate to the folder with the filename.js file you wish to run (use the command cd and then drag the folder from the finder to the terminal to change folders). Then start it by typing

node filename.js

For the file bot type

node filename.js mytext.txt

This is explained in the description text ( files). To exit, remember you hit CTRL C.

Some notes and resources for making bots:

First of all, working in public comes with responsibility. Don’t offend, make things that make the internet a better place than it was when you found it. For basic Twitter bot ethics – please read Darius Kazemi’s guide.

Javascript twitter bots:

See examples of twitter bots written using node here:

Python twitter bots:

Guide to making Twitterbots without code 

Bot maker Tully Hansen guides you through options for avoiding code here.

Processing twitter library (see tutorials on this site for code examples):

More bot readings and resources