Week 1, September 1st

Introduction to Risograph Printing and P5.Riso
  • Using the printer.
  • Color
  • Dithering
  • P5.JS Riso library

Unit 1: Riso Animation

  • Intro to project 1 – riso animation

Homework for next week:

Week 2, September 8th

Risograph animation workshop with Kelli Anderson

Homework for next week:

  • Finish your print file for your animation.
  • In your printing pairs, choose one of your animations for printing as a two color print in the lab. If you have time you can do both. I recommend you do so in the same color pairs to make the process more efficient. Bring to class next week.

Week 3, September 15th

  • Feedback session on Riso animation prints.
  • Rendering the Riso animation in p5js and with ffmpeg

Unit 2: Design Systems

  • Intro to computational design techniques with the p5.Riso library
  • Introduction to Assignment 2.

Homework for next week:

  • Prepare animations for submission
  • Devise concepts for 3 possible computational design systems using 2-3 color layers. Represent these as a series of sketches in your notebook and post to the blog. Bring to class for discussion.

Final version of Assignment 1 due on midnight Monday 19th.

Week 4: September 22nd. More on the p5.Riso library.

  • Guest lecture from Rune Madsen:
  • Design systems 2.
  • Work session on Assignment 2.

Homework for next week:

  • Computational design system.
  • Printing to begin.
  • Reading by designer Paul Soulellis. This text looks longer than it is, as it has a lot of images and inspirations in it. Soulellis considers gestures of publishing here such as posting, stacking, dropping, feeds. What gesture is relevant for your political poster? Is it meant to be posted, dropped, pasted, streamed etc?

Week 5: October 6th

  • Feedback session on Assignment 2 progress.

Unit 3: Experimental Publication

  • Introduction to experimental publishing and Assignment 3
  • What can a publication be?

Final version of Assignment 2 due on Thursday October 13th.

Week 6: October 13th. Guest lecture from Neta Bomani

  • Guest lecture on Neta Bomani on experimental print and publishing. See her work:
  • Book layouts and zine resources


  • Assignment 3
  • The research post listed on the assignments page:

Field trip: Excursion to NY Book Fair: October 13–16, 2022. Date and time TBA.

Week 7: October 20th

  • In progress presentations of experimental publications
  • Work session on Assignment 3.

Assignment 3 is due October 27th