everyone poops: experimental publication by shengli wen and kristina you

Everyone Poops is an experimental publication that explores public/private human behavior as well as questions of real and fake. We couple excerpts from The Stranger by Albert Camus with an assortment of still images that range from pop culture references to glitches in the Sims. We also implement elements of generative design in the grids… Continue reading everyone poops: experimental publication by shengli wen and kristina you

Project 3 – Zine

Gen Z’s ABCs—by Lameesa, Jackie, and Mikayla The concept for our zine is an alphabet book on Gen Z lingo. Our main goal for this assignment was to create something fun and lighthearted that would make us chuckle as we navigate the stress in our lives. Step 1: Brainstorming + Mood Boarding We began by… Continue reading Project 3 – Zine

✨HW Week 1! ✨

I had never used Procreate before or the Riso printer + made a little 2 colour GIF of a black cat. See the P5js link here.

Experimental publication

Experimental zine publication with Megha Goel https://selix.squarespace.com/itpclassprojects/printandcode-experimental-publication

Memorial: An Experimental Zine

A project made in collaboration with Sarah Elix. https://meghag.notion.site/Memorial-An-Experimental-Zine-Project-3-21a0fd92f342494d8e5da4caefb765ca

Final Project – Jinzhong, Sophie, Ruoxi

Ideation For the final project, we started from brainstorming about what topic to be addressed. We first talked about how governments would try to prescribe a unified message to the public and impose values on us that define what is considered to be “good,” “rational,” and “successful.” Following those attempts are efforts to transform everyone… Continue reading Final Project – Jinzhong, Sophie, Ruoxi

Project 2-Lameesa

For this project, I knew I wanted to base my topic on the resurgence of women fighting for liberation in Iran. “Jin, Jiyan, Azadi” “Woman, Life, Freedom” The idea here is to gather handwritten notes of “Jin—Jiyan—Azadi” as a means of digital activism and a sort of “fuck you” to the Iranian government (they have… Continue reading Project 2-Lameesa

Experimental Publishing-Lameesa

“Same Sum” by Peter Happel Christian https://www.conveyor.studio/shop/p/samesum I saw this zine/book at the PMABF2022 and instantly fell in love with it. This photobook is an exploration of the “observation, chance, and the everyday magic of ordinary life” of Peter’s life. Apparently the title is inspired by an Italo Calvino essay where experiences and meanings are… Continue reading Experimental Publishing-Lameesa

✨Zine Research ✨

My previous zine/mag is available here. 1 – YOKO ONO: Wish Tree This mightt be a stretch to call a Zine but if by definition it is a small-circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images then this kind of works? I just think the interactive aspect of this piece is super sick… Continue reading ✨Zine Research ✨

Zine Research-Ericka N

The three examples I chose all are inspiration for the form of my experimental zine. In this zine the creator intended to create a haunted house but in the form of a zine. Once you choose 1 of the 8 doors you are given a destination. For example door four leads you to be eaten… Continue reading Zine Research-Ericka N

Experimental publication research post – Sarah and Megha 

In thinking about experimental zines, my first love was Neta’s teabag zine. I loved the delight and surprise brought by having something unexpected, and creating a new experience, particularly when a participant might already be sitting down to have a break and moment of rest drinking their cup of tea. This was my first light bulb… Continue reading Experimental publication research post – Sarah and Megha 

Zine Research – Jackie Sabillón

1st: “People Make Plans” “People Make Plans” is a collection of personal zines or ‘perzines’ about trauma, education reform, poverty, grieving, and privilege. The author describes these zines as a place to be vulnerable, and thus with each edition of “People Make Plans” the zines have evolved to discuss heavy topics such as rape and… Continue reading Zine Research – Jackie Sabillón