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Field trip

As the event of our original field trip remains unannounced, instead we will go on a class field trip to the upcoming Facets conference at NYU. This will be the saturday after our last class.

This conference is a 2 day event that explores computation and creative practice. You are welcome to attend the whole thing if you wish, but the field trip is to attend the 3 panel sessions from 2pm – 5pm on Saturday May 2nd.

The event requires you to travel to Brooklyn and book tickets here:




Week 9 – Spring Break to do list

Watch this ted talk:

If you have had no or very little javascript experience: 

  • Please work through some exercises on code academy to get the hang of the syntax and language. Set up an account and work through here: – Do the first three modules: Getting Started, Choose your own adventure and Introduction to Functions. (if you are into it, keep going).
  • Review, run and make sure you understand the examples in the Strings folder of the code repo. Run the files in node from your terminal, make sure you know how they are working, how to do this and what they mean is covered in the first part of the Javascript 2 tutorial (the first few of sections on strings in js, manipulating strings and splitting.
  • Take a look at the links below and choose a source text you want to work with in class next week (it can be anything). Come to class with this source text saved as a text file.

If you are already familiar with the javascript language:

  • Please review the javascript 2 tutorial and look at the examples in the folder labelled fileinput_node from class this week (download the repo here), analyze and experiment with them using a source text of your choosing saved as a txt file. Do some analysis on the word counts of certain words in this text. You might want to look at how these words are positioned, coupled etc.
  • Write a brief post of your results, do your findings or analysis relate to the ideas in the ted talk?

To choose a source texts consider the following:


SNOW DAY to do list….

For next week (changed due to snow day today):


  • Work through the first Arduino 3 tutorial exercise –  03A – TALKING TO PROCESSING.
  • Assignment 2 pitches to be presented at the start of class next week​. This pitch should include a conceptual outline of your project with research. This should respond to steps 1-3 in project brief. You should also develop a technical plan for the construction of your project. Identify any parts of your project that you don’t know how to make yet and list materials and sensors/components you need to obtain. If your work has a speculative angle (ie you are going to create a prototype with an imaginary functionality to explore your brief, articulate how you will create your prosthetic to suggests that functionality to your audience. Eg. using an indicator light ) You should prepare a deck and a presentation around 5 min long.​
  • Continue developing Assignment 2  in your groups. Bring any materials you will need to work on your project in class next week​
  • Please complete this weeks API reading and also the supplementary API reading by Jer Thorp if you haven’t already. Come ready to discuss next week. (discussion led by Anthony and Julie) (Next weeks reading will now happen the week after (week 9).
  • Think about the issues in these readings and how they relate to the Week 7 lecture links on artists working with APIS (in the lecture part of the site​). Comment on Anthony and Julie’s reading summary, perhaps discussing some of the ideas in Jer Thorp’s reading, or commenting on one of the art examples in the lecture links.
  • Take a look at some the artworks in ARTART section of this site.



Week 5 round up

Sorry about the hacky start to arduino. You will get the hang of it. I found the mistake in our 3 color LED so please review the updated tutorial.

Read through the tutorial and try out any of the exercises we didn’t get to today.

Also for primers on electricity – grab some popcorn and see the video tutorials, they are short and sweet and help to get the gist of circuits.

(If you want more, you can try some of the arduino examples and take a look at the corresponding circuits in Fritzing. )

If you are keen for even more help… see this handy introductory textbook.

Assignment 1, Part 1 submission

Remember to send me the link to your chosen blog post and also submit a text version to Turn It In on Moodle. There is a link in the section for this week for our class. It is there now.

See you tomorrow.

Week 4 round up

Some links from Lauren, and if you haven’t already seen her website, it is here.

Then she also mentioned artist Amalia Ulmans who has built an Instagram account as conceptual art project with a huge following. Her website is here and here is an explanation of the piece in this article. 

Ulmans follows in the footsteps of artist Lynne Hershman Leeson who famously created a work where she conceived of, constructed and ‘developed’ a fictional persona and alter ego: that of Roberta Breitmore from 1974-1978.

I will follow up on other links from the talk.

Remember, I am always adding artist examples to the tumblr blog here. So peruse them for ideas and inspiration.

I have also sorted out our twitter so please send me your handles if you haven’t already. I also post articles and bits and pieces relevant to class there. Will also retweet any juicy/thought provoking/inspiring links you tag that are relevant to our class. Follow along and see our fancy sidebar ——> ——–> ——->

And thank you Julie for this fab banner for this week’s assignment – good luck everyone!