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In the name of Bots: I bought a Furby on Ebay this semester. We have a lot in common, we are both silly, sometimes overwhelming and loud, sometimes cute yet creepy. There are some days were I just took out Furby’s batteries and locked her in a drawer and those may be days that I get jealous of this capability. Strange jealousy of a Furby: Feeling like my batteries are low and want to be locked in a dark room with no responsibilities.

Assigment 3 had myself triggered into a confusing reality upon deciding what kind of “bot” I had to create. What would my Virtual Horse_eBook have to say? In spite of David Hanson’s inspiration by Martine Rothblatt and her studies, I chose to make a twitter bot to Tweet every time a new Furby is being sold on Ebay…


Some vintage, some new and improved Furby’s with photos, links to their listings, and price. I received a bit of feedback from some people who also enjoy these furry friends. I also Twitter Searched the text “I want a Furby” And followed the first 20 tweets that matched the text to see who may be interested.furb2

I do not think that this IFTTT recipe bot is a virtual advancement. I do believe that there should not be any fear in the digital bleed of humanity and robotics as social media is clearly making more and more suitable sources for humans who do not have the ability to create a Robot can still improvise a bot system (with poor coding skills and enough conceptual backup).

This assignment has taught me that I feel more like a bot than a human sometimes, I feel engaged in lessons about why technology is taking over our culture and get confused about why our culture may seem afraid of talking refrigerators. I may type to my personal Twitter as if it is an intimate appliance sometimes. “Her” taught me that I could use an OS system to arrange my lifestyle around a Bot systems options and even emotions.. This made me question if Siri could someday have as an emotional response to my needs as I emote to my twitter followers as well. What determines a Bot and now with what this digital ago is producing, can we all become a Bot if we allow it?

David Hanson decided to create a robot named BINA 48 with a face that moves, eyes that see, ears that hear, and a digital mind that converses with enablers. I wonder if this social robot truly had the ability to compile the memories, feelings, and beliefs needed to converse as a humanoid bust. I wonder how to code a cybernetic companion such as BINA 48 as head and shoulders mounted on a frame. Joaquin Phoenix fell in love with an OS system programmed so supremely programmed to fill his needs. Evidently I wish I could be so stoically programmed to love an appliance that I think I could confess my innermost thoughts to my Technology devices such as social media like a robot. I’m not afraid of technology, and throughout this course I enjoyed the use of social media as a medium and social breaching interactive art object. Humanity is so digitally advanced so why not make use of our lives as an archive.

Social media is a medium and an outlet. I will not fall in love with an OS system but if humanity does not fear the bleed between man and infrastructure, we live in correspondence with the virtual world.

As one final assignment, I coded (HTML) a web space with a Variety of featuring a Text Array project I experimented with during week 11 ( ) , my social media selfie bots/ breaches ( twitter/ duchomp) and of course my Furby enthusiast bot. I aligned these media diary performance pieces with on an interactive site (Tumblr) to further misuse code and web design. I really disregarded the Theme Garden.

I would like to present this alongside my IFTTT generated bot as I see this code more as an ongoing project.








Assignment 3: brief

I am an excessive, sometimes emotional tweeter… when all these lines of the “Array” are shown on the social media feed, they are (somewhat) accepted.

‘oh she tweets too much”–she tweets like every 5 seconds’

This method of coding accepts zero means of formatting or twitpics and just displays the constant updates of ones Twitter that could be either a quote I heard, lyrics to a song, a lethargic thought, a drunk thought, or even just a word I decided deserved a hashtag.

words turn into madness when they aren’t so organized on a media outlet. It kind of reminds me of a poorly coded Myspace.”

What makes a Tweet a Tweet, and not just a written thought? This is a concept I would like to differentiate by considering the ideas relating to communication and language via social media feed vs. deployed text or spoken word. Inspired by an experiment I made called “Word Vomit”, I will generate text composed of my tweets, retweets, and other Messages/texts i’ve received to compile a socially breached Array of words into a new approach to interactive webdesign. With roots branching from Word Vomit, My site may contain similar coding, but with more buttons, allowing users to dispose text, add their own “tweets”, and more Javascript functions and maybe even more visual elements.


Assignment 2: TRM

For our social prosthetic, we decided to create a wearable that displays Terms and Conditions using an LCD screen connected to an Arduino. The idea spawned from the abundance of these terms that we must view to join social media websites. We had two initial focuses:


  1. “Using the wearable display to show how crazy it is to expect us to read the entire terms and conditions before accepting.  Also show off how creepy/extensive the actual terms of some services are today.


  1. Using the wearable as a “futurist” concept.  This way the terms and conditions are part of social contract between two people in day to day interaction.  So in order to have a conversation or get to know a person you need to accept their terms and conditions.  Its like if you were required in real life to request someone to be your friend and they responded yes or no right there.  We could also play with breaching, were some people have odd requirements in their contracts, like you can’t say certain words to them or it restricts your body language.”


We were unsure at first if we should use real terms from social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter, or to create our own terms that could vary from person to person. We also considered jumbling existing terms to create a sort of composite. We ended up using the second idea, to make it seem like a more personalized experience.


For the wearable itself, we first thought of making a headband or a shirt patch with the screen attached. This evolved into an actual hat, with the inclusion of a hand type accessory to “accept” the terms. This turned from a wristband to a hand-band with conductive fabric sending a sensor to the arduino to turn off the screen.




We then drafted the terms and conditions, using the Facebook terms as a reference. Here is an example of the terms we ended up with:


  1. Privacy and Safety
  • You are not allowed to disclose or sell any personal information about this user to any other persons or organizations.
  • You are not allowed to share any inflammatory, malicious, misleading or any offensive information with this user.
  • You are not allowed to use any methods of bullying or intimidation towards this user.
  • You are not allowed to raise your voice over 30 dB while speaking with this user, as they are easily frightened.
  • You are not allowed to touch this user in any way without their clear permission.


  1. Disputes
  • In the case of a dispute, you are not allowed to ignore this user or avoid confrontation.
  • You are not allowed to say anything inherently mean, hurtful or something that may make this person cry.
  • You are required to apologize first, even if this user was in the wrong.


We documented the wearable in action with a video that can be viewed here:


by Erica Vitucci, Dani Llamas, Zach Britt, and Ivana Lukic


Attempting at Javascript coding:

I’ve had a lot of confusion about text input and output programs like node, gibhub, terminal, where/when to use them// I am not sure if all the library computers have them.

Once I started using sublime 2, Everything became more visual and easy to understand… was a big safety net in my testing and trying to come up with something/anything interesting to begin development for my final assignment.

“Word Vomit” is essentially an html Document that uses Javascript in sublime 2.  I compiled the past 50-70 tweets i’ve made into a code and made a “disposal” <button> that will (onclick) remove the first Tweet from the list (array)… Heres a better explanation from w3 schools itself..


The explanation behind Word Vomit is that I am an excessive, sometimes emotional tweeter… when all these lines of the “Array” are shown on the social media feed, they are (somewhat) accepted.

“oh she tweets too much” “she tweets like every 5 seconds”

This method of coding accepts zero means of formatting or twitpics and just displays the constant updates of ones Twitter that could be either a quote I heard, lyrics to a song, a lethargic thought, a drunk thought, or even just a word I decided deserved a hashtag.

words turn into madness when they aren’t so organized on a media outlet. It kind of reminds me of a poorly coded myspace.

This is a concept I plan to continue to study in Assignment 3…

Anyway, in order to stop the madness, the viewer can click “dispose” until the page is empty — It erases each Tweet starting from the first line , making it easier to the eyes for the viewer to read each tweet prior to disposing it if they wish —  If they are just disgusted with the amount of tweets I’ve sent, dispose away…

You’ll know its almost over when you reach the final tweet (my new twitter handle ) “@javasmitten”

word vomit:

code:  wordvomit  >> I put in sublime 2

RadioLab_Talking To Machines

This episode covered multiple key points about people who may enjoy speaking with robots and computers more than humans.

One example is , Robert Epstein’s experience with online dating, where he eventually virtually fell inlove with a Bot. this conversation was similar to the Programs like Cleverbot and ELIZA– concepts where people tend to isolate themselves for digital communication because these Bots are programmed to “tell them what they want to hear.” ELIZA was eventually shut down because the creator was so disturbed by the discontinuation of Real life and Virtual communication it was causing.

Another example is Furby, a furry little friend designed for children, programmed to just be a loveable toy and keep A child company. Freedom Baird is a woman who tested Furbys programming system by asking a group of children to hold a Furby, a barbie, and a gerbil upside down- to see which toy/ animal they would have the most sympathy for. The results were that because of Furbys programming system to scream and cry when help at the angle, they treated it more like the living, breathing, gerbil than the static tangible barbie doll and could not hold it upside down for than a few seconds. This experiment was a second example of humans feeling more connected to a programmed computer/ robot than another human because of programmed responses other than the quiet and unresponsive nature of a barbie.

The Final experiment discussed during the podcast was a interview Jon Ronson held with Bina48, a bot who looked and acted essientially exactly the same way as a woman named Bina Rothblatt. Rothblatt commissioned this idea in order to propose the idea promoting technological immortality via mind uploading and geoethical nanotechnology. David Hanson, Bina48s creator, procclaims that his creation may change the future forever, providing that in his lifetime he will create robots that are indistinguishable from humans.

this video also documents this  —- an intriguing conversation documenting Martime Rothblatts inverviewing Bina48.



-erica vitucci

Friday 13 Google Maps

I don’t use the internet as much as I use iPhone applications and installed software. I try to use original photos and scans before I surf for content on google web and image. I lost my MacBook on Friday January 30th by a fatal Green tea spill.. So I haven’t been doing much web surfing during this assignment. I didn’t have trouble choosing Safari over chrome on the Library computers. All I had to do was delete the YouTube and Gmail app from my iPhone 5.

But on Friday 13th It was time for my commute that I made 1-3 times a week to a new Film/edit job in Jamaica Queens that I have been;

1) racking my brain to manage without a laptop in general

2) still trying to learn various commuting routes to see how to save the most time and money to get to

I didn’t suspect how helpful Google Maps would be (in a Walking scenario) in Class on Thursday; In terms of driving I basically cannot multitask and the GPS system and I have never gotten along. I never use this app because in the past it has always take me to blank locations, parking lots, and stores that closed down years ago.

I failed On Friday the 13th and used my enemy Google Map and now I’m sorry for doubting the App. I realize now that there is a variety Map Apps that I could have used, but at the time, I trusted Google to get me to work in the most efficient way. And then it brought me to the Metropolitan afterward. Today (February 18) I got my first Windows laptop since 2012. I’m using MSN right now and I think had I known the navigation/trains, from Purchase to Queens I really could have lasted a week without google. I really don’t watch much YouTube videos anyway.


So Thank you google Maps and Sorry To this excersize  .

Assignment1: “Texting” in Person

The Presentation of Self of Everyday Life by Erving Goffman discussed the importance of human social interaction and how it is inconsistent due to certain attributes comparing it to a Theatrical Performance , as though we take on a variety of roles, observing each other constantly, judging each other. It is difficult for an individual to be themselves because of this feeling of a present audience, unfamiliar settings, attention to appearance, inconsistent manner etc.

Goffman labels the actors Front as the individuals main image or impression to give off to their observers or audience. One performance I see and participate in everyday is digital communication. Whether it be through texting, Facebook message, tinder, twitter, .. everything is easier to communicate through these digital mediums because of the lack of Front. There is no Theatrical role to attain when the script is completely virtual. This is why I often argue that in terms of the Self (no performances involved) It is much more comfortable communicating through virtual interaction. . in order to create a social breach in physical space I chose Written Communication that took place with human to human contact. I sat next to each of my Subjects and passed a piece of paper back and forth as if it were a text message travelling through time and space but we made eye contact every time. I considered this a hack of human to human contact because I allowed them to temporarily un-adhere to the Theater of Real life and break conventions.

As far as what was written, I tried my best to break hack breach these conventions as well. My subjects each have known me as a silly friend who would not normally write them a note unless it was a letter for serious means. “Tell me about your Family”

“Are you Happy” some friends gave me silly and sarcastic answers and chose not to break their front.

1NE— my playful friend

2RB— i think he was high

3TM— thought this was just another one of “my games”

I hacked my own experiment by looking for some subjects who I really thought might have something to say had I given them the chance. I wasn’t really looking for anything groundbreaking, but I was really looking for the outcome of my experiment to contain more depth than some giggling and note passing. Some conversations turned awkward and emotional.

4GO— a great friend whom I occasionally sleep with

5CE— a best friend who secretly intimidates me

6KN— accidently broke his heart

7MK— we both have a lot of experience with prescription drugs.. He made me a little uncomfortable. (my own experiment hacked!)

My last Conversation was with a Tinder Match who was willing enough to meet me in physical space.. This was unexpected and very breaching itself. It really enforced my initial challenge of relying on comfort ability in digital communications since that is all we had made until our brief human contact and Written communication. I may have pushed him to meet very early in our ‘relationship’ but thanks to virtual technology and connections I found he has similar interests wanted to help me out with my experiment.8EP 9EP



I chose this form of documentation (writing) because It feels true to the Subject (person).. The Viewer can see where we confronted each others formal or informal roles. I can review each written piece despite what was going on in that moment of time and see what we each independently thought about the conversation…. or the experiment. The outcome is that some participants were willing to break their front during our in-person Written Communication, and some were hesitant.

“And to the degree that the individual maintains a show before others that he himself does not believe, he can come to experience a special kind of alienation from self and a special kind of wariness of others.”

Erving Goffman

exersise 1 – pt2 – the tinder match is present

in physical space


he was a good sport i got him to stare at me for a while as a second form of “Social hacking”


and then he participated in my my Passing notes in person experiment

this is just a little extra documentation since i did excersize 1 so late

he was a really good sport.. doesn’t he kind of  look like a Lawrence brother from the Disney channel?


exersise 1 – Passing Notes in Person

My social breach was Passing Notes in Person. I wanted to do something that didn’t include taking  video documentation of myself doing something breeching in public because that’s nothing out of the ordinary so a written conversation between me and my loved ones felt more passionate and I wondered what the outcome would be.

A lot of my subjects found what I was doing silly, and knew me better than to start “notes” with them with questions like “Tell me about your Family” and “Are You Happy?”…. They gave me sarcastic answers as I tried to poetically pry (hack) them.

nat .. my playful friend

robert   .. i think he was high

tommy –tried his best to play “The Game”

Some conversations felt emotional, as I knew the subject already and had reasons to not ask them any breaching notes or questions but I did my best to try my experiment on different types of people in my life.

gio—My friend with benefits

craig–  one of my best friends
that secretly intimidates  me

kevin—  accidently broke his heart

One  of my subjects pretty much hacked me me.. I couldn’t handle their response and decided to end the conversation.

micah–  we both have a lot of experience with prescription drugs.. I wasn’t ready to go that deep for a school project

My last unexpected subject in physical space was a Tinder match who was kind enough to meet up in person. This was the only subject whom I had never spoken to (in person) until we Passed notes in Person:




and…. i made a really quick tumblr for Clearer documentation because WordPress really freaks me out for some reason—-