Exercise 4, no Google

I went through the week with only a few slip-ups on not using Google services.  My desktop still had Chrome as default browser so links would open up in it, I closed the page before it loaded but I never got around to changing default so it happened a few times.  I didn’t watch any youtube videos even though all of the embedded videos on reddit were youtube.  I had to go without alot, leaving large chunks out of my usual internet surfing regimen.

I did have to intentiionally use Gmai and Google Docs yesterday, as my group for Gameplay and Performance uploaded some necessary files to Google Drive.  I had to get the link from Gmail and go to the doc to download it, but we were pressed for time and it was easier than getting in contact with the original file creator and having them email me.

During this week I used Firefox primarily and noticed some new things about it.  It loads slower than Chrome overall, and on my small tablet it will often crash the entire page.  Unlike Chrome it uses a separate Flash plugin container to run most media and videos (non youtube included).  This means its memory usage spikes and with the limited RAM on my tablet it would cause the window to go black even though the media would still play.  Chrome also apparently runs in the background unless you tell it that it can’t, which is terrifying.  Chrome often disperses its running processes while Firefox keeps it all in one container.  This distribution probably explains the performance difference between the two browsers across various devices, but the way Chrome can run so many things simultaneously and in the background is unnerving.  I also forgot to download firefox on my android phone before the time period began, so I couldnt use any browser on my phone for a week, which was difficult.

Overall this week was mostly just an inconvenience.  I’ve already been suspicious of Google products and kept track of what was running on my devices, but finding out about the background processes on windows 8.1 was surprising and a valuable experience.